Arriving Earthside


How it began for me...

My passion for pregnancy and the birthing process started early in my developmental years with my love for all things babies (thank goodness for baby dolls); and it only further intensified with the birth of my brother and sister. That passion and interest grew, leading to becoming a Doula and starting my journey towards Midwifery. My excitement and passion continued to grow while working for a birth center in the Irvine area. This is where I learned firsthand the value of having constant and continuous support for the birthing mother during the labor and delivery period.


About Me


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from Cal State Fullerton, where I also took classes in Women’s Studies. I worked as a volunteer for CHOC Hospital in Mission Viejo and have a thorough understanding of both in-hospital and out-of-hospital birth practice. I received my Doula training through DONA and have additional training in childbirth preparation, breastfeeding support, and birth assisting under midwife supervision. I also have a certification in Neonatal Resuscitation. I pride myself on my hunger to learn and be the best support I can for the birthing mother. I'm currently taking strides toward starting Midwifery School with my recent acceptance to Arizona College in Mesa. 

If there is one thing that I would say about being a part of the birthing community it would be, “Every mama is special and unique and there is no cookie cutter plan for it all. It is my job to anticipate my client’s needs and listen to her signals for comfort, cultivate a plan tailored for her special and unique needs and make her feel as supported and special through the entire birth process”. How the mama was treated during labor and birth will be what she remembers, and as a woman in the birth community, I take a very personal stance on a mama being heard and knowing her options whatever they may be- because the more informed and prepared she is, the better the long-term outcome. 




"I was referred to Jori through another doula Angie (who works with Jori as each other's backup at times). Jori has extensive experience and a wide network. She's been working at a local birth center for many years and attended countless births. She made a great first impression with me. She is friendly, upbeat, and professional. You can tell immediately that she is a go-getter. She is well versed about births and very knowledgeable on all the methods and procedures (comfort measures, hospital policies, etc). I chose Jori over other candidates because she had more experience, confidence, and knowledge compared to others with the same number of births under their belt. You won't be disappointed with Jori. I wouldn't have been able to get through my natural birth without her positive, uplifting support. She reminded she how strong I was and encouraged me through each painful contraction. She has extremely high EQ and excellent bedside manners (which I can't say of all healthcare practitioners). She works well with others; she worked great with my midwife and nurse. Not every doula will know how to navigate themselves in a hospital setting but she did great. She suggested that my husband use a new counter pressure method with a rebozo (it ended up being easier on my husbands wrists than to manual squeeze my hips with his hands). All in all, from my experience, I consider Jori to be best-in-class and would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those wanting an unmedicated, natural birth. I told my admitting nurse that I hired a doula as she laughed at me and said "oh you have me; you don't need one (a doula)." After the delivery, I responded to her saying " 'oh I definitely needed one, I wouldn't have been able to make it without her' ". - Christina